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Clothes & Toys for
Sensitive Babies

Sensitive babies like babies with skin asthma needs sensory clothes that prevent skin discomfort, itching. molting and even allergies. 

Every sensitive baby has unique development progress. It is important to supplement different aspects their development with this kinds of toys.

Babies and children needs to attend events such as christening, wedding and parties. This collection is all you need to your baby to look good. 

Top Selling Products

Parents have identified their babies’ unique needs. These products have gained more than usual sales due to their  fir with every special children’s needs. Go ahead, these fast-selling products may help you in your caring for your treasure – your baby!


Hear our client’s love for Reimielle Serene

Sarah Jones

I’m a mother of a baby with skin asthma. Sensory clothes is a must for my children. Reimielle has been helpful in my quest in finding 100% cotton baby and children clothes. 

Jessica Foxx

I feel that plastic toys will be harmful for my son. Plus, it doesn’t help the environment. Wooden toys are my thing. It feels so much better and my eldest can pass it on to my future babies!

Briana Luke

My baby sister has heightened sensory touch due to her special needs. Reimielle Serene’s curated sensory apparel is a gem for every family.

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My father loves fishing. That’s why he influenced me to start fishing with this wooden educational fishing game that teaches numbers and colors.